Me, Blog, and My Changes

Hi readers, in this post i want to show you how’s my life going. Many things happened to me after i changed my appearance and start wearing hijab. A hijab is the essential part and accessories for any moslem girl  everywhere. After my religious trip last February, i think this is my time to change. And fortunately, in my country many girls started wearing a hijab so i have many friends wearing hijab. Wearing a hijab doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable to do many things, but for me now i can freely do anything and feel comfortable.

 I dont care if there’s some people calling me not stylish or so whatever thing haha, but here i’m wearing outfits (or maybe you like to call it clothes yea) which make me comfortable and safe lol. The real point is, i’m happy now wearing a hijab.

About blogging, i blogged since 2009 (like, it’s already a long time). But first! Do you know what is blog? Blog is a social media that lets you write orpost photos or something do you like. You can FREELY share your stories to your readers worldwide-ly. Then, you know who else is blogger? Everyone has a blog, is the answer. So, don’t judge someone by saying, “oh, you call yourself as a blogger? You are not competent enough lol”. Haha, literally you’re the one that must be laughed out. Go yourself make a blog by signing up, then you can be that “blogger”.

I know that as my age turns bigger, i have to face many problems which i’ve never faced before. I want to be a person who can face very problem easily and wisely. I’ve asked many success people around me and they answered “do and show what you like, not what people wants to see”. Agree? Fortunately i have parents who always support me everytime and everywhere. Let’s spread every positive vibe and never try to make someone down. Be happy always yay yay! :)


April 2016
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Strolling in The City

Last February, i visited the most beautiful place in the world.. but this time i dont really want to describe the place because i just want to share it just with my several friends and my whole family :)  it’s just a religious trip anyway. So i’m gonna post about my outfits there.

The third day after i arrived there, i’m wearing this outfit while joining the city tour trip. I visited many beautiful historical places which made me feel really happy and crying at the same time. Its places is really important for my religion.

After that, together with other people who joined this trip too, we took photos. And i didn’t forget to take photo with my outfit there :) it was in front of the mosque, named Masjidil Quba’. It has a very nice spots to take any photos! My mother, my aunt, and other women took photo in front of the door which colour is gold, but the younger took photo in the same spot like i did.. here the photos of mine are..


Sunnies : ZARA

See you on my next post! Hehe, sorry for the late updates but since now i will do more updates by using scheduled post lol :)


March 2016
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Jakarta Fashion Week 2016

Invitation Card : front

Hi happy peopleeee! This time i want to make a report of my amazing experience watching Jakarta Fashion Week 2016 which held in Senayan City, Jakarta. Many fashionable boys and girls came to watch many shows that took place there from 24-30 October 2015. I really wished that i can attend this event this year, but i'm a little bit pessimist.. until i "worked" hard by joining many instagram contest to get this show's free invitation. Finally... i got one! it's from BOBOBOBO, major thanks! :) Here is the pic of Patrick Owen's invitation card..

Invitation Card : back

Okay, let's begin the show's report! The first persentation is from Patrick Owen

The first show i saw is Patrick Owen's S/S 2016 collections named "JAL A NAN". His collection are so fierce as always! It has a strong details in its printing design. Let's check another Patrick Owen's amazing collection..

P.S. : The models are walking so fast so i couldn't take any really good picture.. especially to take one person's full body pictures..


His show ended as another show from Seoul, Korea, named "SOULPOT STUDIO" appeared...

opening video... how i love their minimalist concept!

Pssst... in this show the models walked a little bit slower so i could take their photos one by one

The show ended yeaay... but sad.. haha i think i need to watch another show next time.. By the way, did i watch these shows alone? The answer is a big NO~~~ haha.. i watched these shows with my blogger pal-- i knew her from a long time ago,but i'm just too shy to talk with her in any social media.. i just like "oh, this girl i saw on instagram.. the famous blogger one". But, this time i saw her with my eyes for the first time.. i immediately told her by leaving a mention in her instagram: "hey i saw you just now".. In brief, she told me that she'll watch that Patrick Owen+Soulpot Studio alone, and hey! it's a good chance to know her well. So, i decided to ask her watching the fashion show together. Okay, yes we are, watching the show together.... who's the girl i'm talking about? She's Margareta Vania. Such a really nice girl! We talked like we had known each other for a long time, lol i'm the one who's shy but she didn't hahaha.. Here's me and her!

Oh, i also met my blogger-pal Sonya Thaniya too! Hehe, she's so cute in person~ i want to meet them in other next events! See you~ 

Psst... we were wearing same designed shoes, it's a sliver bling shoes.. accidentaly

Talking about fashion, what i wore during Jakarta Fashion Week 2016? I chose simple monochrome style (yeah, it's not really good i know haha) but the most important thing is, WEAR SOMETHING MAKES YOU COMFORTABLE. 

Culottes: BLF  |  Sneakers : Zalora

Outer : Balcony  |  Top : Stradivarius

Now we're at the end of this post hehe... still got many queue on my post entry but i dont have much time to do blogging now.... see you on my next post! smile~


November 2015

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Me vs Failure

Hello again readers, since now i have more time, let’s talk again! I will post some in my queue post entries and share something. I have said in my previous post : A SUMMER LOVER,  this midyear made me so tired and not really make me happy as i wish. Want to know why..? But it’s good to try make ourselves happy by doing our hobby, right?:) I’m wearing all black tops again so maybe it’s time to talk about failure................ some people can guess why i wrote this hahaha! (please forgive my bad english because i write all my post in english just to make my overseas readers easier.. lol). A failure may happen in our life, once, twice, or many times depends on what you do, and what’s your efforts to make what you want comes true. Let me talk about my life just a little bit, that in my past seems i never failed to get what i really want. But this year, i failed! I tried so hard and pray a lot, but i can’t make my dream comes true.. (i wont tell you but maybe this thing related to my previous post :p). God has decided ones life to get some success and failures. No one get all the failure and never being success, also the one who’s always success will not get any failure.. If you think you can get everything you want now, be prepared... the failure will comes to you sooner or later.. In this case, i’m telling the truth and not lying. If you feel like you always fail to get everything you want although you have prayed, or maybe studied, worked hard before, it doesn’t mean that you’re being cursed, but God is testing how much you really want it. But.. we can’t deny, failure happens when you did less effort in your past, i felt it, wheeee :).

Top : Mint |  Jeans : Elle

I love blogging, and it brings so much fun in my life—because i love to write. I like many other things too, and i think if we do many things, we can find what is really suitable for us :) We’ll never know something we hate, or something we don’t give any attention will lead us to success.. And if we failed in something, go for it until you can’t make any effort to make it comes true anymore, then change your mind, maybe you’ll find something which is really better than your first plan.. ummm in my opinion of course :). But for me, since there’s still one last chance to make it comes true, i will try my luck again next year.. we’ll see ;) wish me luck :).

Shoes : Adidas

Vest : Marks & Spencer

People may talk about your fail.. But for me, it would never be wrong to have a dream. Everyone can decide what they want to be. If they failed, please give them chance to make it happen. Because, you never know, someone you tease now will be a leader in the future.. .Just be grateful for your fails! As long as you’ve did your best, it means that something great will happen... Remember, GOOD THINGS TAKES TIME. It’s real. If you still want to make your dreams comes true, keep trying. While trying, do something new. Me too, i will take an english course and try to join some events this year especially fashion events (anyone will accompany or invite me? Ahhahaha lol *a meaningful joke, tho*). By the way, i’m not a type of that person who likes to post something long on blog because i really feel how boring it is to read ones’ life too long haha (unless it’s funny) :p. This is the last paragraph in this post, sorry if there’s any something wrong, so see you in my next post and keep sharing each other! :)

Bag : Gosh

(P.S. what’s your thought?)


September 2015

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The Sun

Please don’t get me wrong but wait, why i’m talking about the sun in my blog? Such a geographical thingy or.... haha let it be my secret. Finally the time for me to post this poem in my blog is comingg J J .. Last October 2014 i’ve been asked to write a simple poem. Maybe i can write those simple poem about school, environtment, and all the mainstream theme. Honestly, at first i didn’t want to write this such a poem, REALLY, but well, because my friends are making poems with the same tone, so i decided to make this one. I made this poem for nobody, because  i can’t give it to anyone :p. I may talking about someone here, but sure in this poem we can aim for everybody else who’s meaningful to us. Not only “everybody” but “everything”.  Sorry for every incorrect grammar i wrote because i first wrote this in Indonesian. J  I just translated this to make my readers easier to know what is this poem meaning. I want to share my poem, just for fun.. What is this poem tells about? Let your mind thinking...

“The Sun”

Once upon a time
I’m there in silence
I don’t know who i am
Where am i standing

The crows sang the condolence melody
Accompanied me walking through the endless way
I’m lost
Until the time comes,
You showed your shines

You coloured up my days
But you’re not a rainbow
They called you “The King of the Day”
That many people wants, also me

I’m just like the moon
Which can’t be a part of yours
But, you gave me your shines
The sea waves felt warm--made me calm because of you
This world seems new for me

And i found all of my life, what else it’s about
Like, who i really am
Where am i supposed to stay
How am i needed to act

I’m grateful, God
You let me feel how beautiful life is 
You made me met the sun
In this narrow life

Everyday we seems getting far
I got a hit by my feelings
I lose myself in my pray
Hoping your shines still there for me

Shoes : Zalora |  Cullotes : Chic Simple 

What are you thinking about my poem? What is it tells about? Thank you for everyone be the Sun of my life.. thanks for encouraging me and made me happy J.  See you on my next post which will not out very soon! Hehe


August 2015

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A Summer Lover

Hi readers! Happy summer! I’m so happy that i can be here again to continue posting on my blog, like finally *-* . I saw many bloggers wrote their post about summer so why don’t we? J I didn’t go to any beach or anywhere because this holiday i’m soooooooo busy, like really, exhausting, makes me tired, and everything else (cry). But this photos were taken in December 2014, when i went to Aranzi-Aronzo Cafe at Kelapa Gading (read the previous post HERE). Did you know that at that time, there is a OOTD photo competition held by cotdindo? We needed to pose with our phone case which the theme was chosen by them every week. That’s why in this photos i posed with my friend’s cute phone case. 


Then i realized that i wore many flower prints.. I love flowers! Also i love summer. Although my country only has two seasons—Wet and Dry, i still can call our Dry season as summer. I like the both seasons in my country but i love summer more. In summer, we can do many activities, doing sports, going from one and another places freely, or just going outside for a walk. But in wet season, somehow rain makes us not really free to do activities outdoor, and for me the cold makes us want to sleep longer, or just sit in front of our TV J. In this time around May until now, the sun still shining so bright so don’t let yourself dehidrated J. Being around flowers is really good because it releases oxygens and some good gases to make our lungs healthy. If you have flowers, plants, or even a trees don’t forget to water them because now it’s rarely raining..

Summer is nothing without fashion. I think to be dressed well in summer is very important because it’s our time to shine! Summer means holiday, get rest, and be free from a bunch of our activities, right J  Wearing some floral or tropical printed outfits can support your activities in summer. About the makeup, we can use some natural colours to make us looks fresh. A tropical jumpsuitsWe also can wear flower-printed tops with our plain bottoms or plain colours tops with flower-printed bottoms like me, everything you want. In the end, whatever we do now, whatever we will wear, let’s loving this summer and spread the positive vibes~! J

Top : Neu Mor | Pants : Graphis |  Bag : Utopia |  Watch : Swatch |  Necklace : Forever 21 (from my blogpal Grace <3 ) |  Shoes : Marks & Spencer


July 2015

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