Junior Stylist!

This is the page where my photo stamped there :p

Hello there! It's been December everyone :) I hope everyone is doing well at this year-end. Some people may be busy at this month (or maybe not), but i'm sure that many people is busy.. (as i am haha).

During this busy week, i've got a good news that my profile and my works for local magazine, Majalah GADIS has been released on their 2015 Annual Edition. *claps*

My testimonial!

The cover

As my previous post, (click here), i was chosen as Junior Stylist (which i didnt style anything on it :p). I contributed in 3 articles, so here we go....

I chose "thick sole trend" as my theme of this article, Shoes Trend 2015.

Also this, rounded, bucket, and long chain bag which will be trend in 2015 (in my opinion haha, but i hope it's really raising!)

And this one, i enter my stylish friends to join this article of "Gaya Gaul"

Thank you so much Kak Silvy and Kak Indah for helping me do this through the hard time (hahaha...) thanks a lot! A new experience for me :)


December 2014

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