A Summer Lover

Hi readers! Happy summer! I’m so happy that i can be here again to continue posting on my blog, like finally *-* . I saw many bloggers wrote their post about summer so why don’t we? J I didn’t go to any beach or anywhere because this holiday i’m soooooooo busy, like really, exhausting, makes me tired, and everything else (cry). But this photos were taken in December 2014, when i went to Aranzi-Aronzo Cafe at Kelapa Gading (read the previous post HERE). Did you know that at that time, there is a OOTD photo competition held by cotdindo? We needed to pose with our phone case which the theme was chosen by them every week. That’s why in this photos i posed with my friend’s cute phone case. 


Then i realized that i wore many flower prints.. I love flowers! Also i love summer. Although my country only has two seasons—Wet and Dry, i still can call our Dry season as summer. I like the both seasons in my country but i love summer more. In summer, we can do many activities, doing sports, going from one and another places freely, or just going outside for a walk. But in wet season, somehow rain makes us not really free to do activities outdoor, and for me the cold makes us want to sleep longer, or just sit in front of our TV J. In this time around May until now, the sun still shining so bright so don’t let yourself dehidrated J. Being around flowers is really good because it releases oxygens and some good gases to make our lungs healthy. If you have flowers, plants, or even a trees don’t forget to water them because now it’s rarely raining..

Summer is nothing without fashion. I think to be dressed well in summer is very important because it’s our time to shine! Summer means holiday, get rest, and be free from a bunch of our activities, right J  Wearing some floral or tropical printed outfits can support your activities in summer. About the makeup, we can use some natural colours to make us looks fresh. A tropical jumpsuitsWe also can wear flower-printed tops with our plain bottoms or plain colours tops with flower-printed bottoms like me, everything you want. In the end, whatever we do now, whatever we will wear, let’s loving this summer and spread the positive vibes~! J

Top : Neu Mor | Pants : Graphis |  Bag : Utopia |  Watch : Swatch |  Necklace : Forever 21 (from my blogpal Grace <3 ) |  Shoes : Marks & Spencer


July 2015

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