Me vs Failure

Hello again readers, since now i have more time, let’s talk again! I will post some in my queue post entries and share something. I have said in my previous post : A SUMMER LOVER,  this midyear made me so tired and not really make me happy as i wish. Want to know why..? But it’s good to try make ourselves happy by doing our hobby, right?:) I’m wearing all black tops again so maybe it’s time to talk about failure................ some people can guess why i wrote this hahaha! (please forgive my bad english because i write all my post in english just to make my overseas readers easier.. lol). A failure may happen in our life, once, twice, or many times depends on what you do, and what’s your efforts to make what you want comes true. Let me talk about my life just a little bit, that in my past seems i never failed to get what i really want. But this year, i failed! I tried so hard and pray a lot, but i can’t make my dream comes true.. (i wont tell you but maybe this thing related to my previous post :p). God has decided ones life to get some success and failures. No one get all the failure and never being success, also the one who’s always success will not get any failure.. If you think you can get everything you want now, be prepared... the failure will comes to you sooner or later.. In this case, i’m telling the truth and not lying. If you feel like you always fail to get everything you want although you have prayed, or maybe studied, worked hard before, it doesn’t mean that you’re being cursed, but God is testing how much you really want it. But.. we can’t deny, failure happens when you did less effort in your past, i felt it, wheeee :).

Top : Mint |  Jeans : Elle

I love blogging, and it brings so much fun in my life—because i love to write. I like many other things too, and i think if we do many things, we can find what is really suitable for us :) We’ll never know something we hate, or something we don’t give any attention will lead us to success.. And if we failed in something, go for it until you can’t make any effort to make it comes true anymore, then change your mind, maybe you’ll find something which is really better than your first plan.. ummm in my opinion of course :). But for me, since there’s still one last chance to make it comes true, i will try my luck again next year.. we’ll see ;) wish me luck :).

Shoes : Adidas

Vest : Marks & Spencer

People may talk about your fail.. But for me, it would never be wrong to have a dream. Everyone can decide what they want to be. If they failed, please give them chance to make it happen. Because, you never know, someone you tease now will be a leader in the future.. .Just be grateful for your fails! As long as you’ve did your best, it means that something great will happen... Remember, GOOD THINGS TAKES TIME. It’s real. If you still want to make your dreams comes true, keep trying. While trying, do something new. Me too, i will take an english course and try to join some events this year especially fashion events (anyone will accompany or invite me? Ahhahaha lol *a meaningful joke, tho*). By the way, i’m not a type of that person who likes to post something long on blog because i really feel how boring it is to read ones’ life too long haha (unless it’s funny) :p. This is the last paragraph in this post, sorry if there’s any something wrong, so see you in my next post and keep sharing each other! :)

Bag : Gosh

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September 2015

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