Jakarta Fashion Week 2016

Invitation Card : front

Hi happy peopleeee! This time i want to make a report of my amazing experience watching Jakarta Fashion Week 2016 which held in Senayan City, Jakarta. Many fashionable boys and girls came to watch many shows that took place there from 24-30 October 2015. I really wished that i can attend this event this year, but i'm a little bit pessimist.. until i "worked" hard by joining many instagram contest to get this show's free invitation. Finally... i got one! it's from BOBOBOBO, major thanks! :) Here is the pic of Patrick Owen's invitation card..

Invitation Card : back

Okay, let's begin the show's report! The first persentation is from Patrick Owen

The first show i saw is Patrick Owen's S/S 2016 collections named "JAL A NAN". His collection are so fierce as always! It has a strong details in its printing design. Let's check another Patrick Owen's amazing collection..

P.S. : The models are walking so fast so i couldn't take any really good picture.. especially to take one person's full body pictures..


His show ended as another show from Seoul, Korea, named "SOULPOT STUDIO" appeared...

opening video... how i love their minimalist concept!

Pssst... in this show the models walked a little bit slower so i could take their photos one by one

The show ended yeaay... but sad.. haha i think i need to watch another show next time.. By the way, did i watch these shows alone? The answer is a big NO~~~ haha.. i watched these shows with my blogger pal-- i knew her from a long time ago,but i'm just too shy to talk with her in any social media.. i just like "oh, this girl i saw on instagram.. the famous blogger one". But, this time i saw her with my eyes for the first time.. i immediately told her by leaving a mention in her instagram: "hey i saw you just now".. In brief, she told me that she'll watch that Patrick Owen+Soulpot Studio alone, and hey! it's a good chance to know her well. So, i decided to ask her watching the fashion show together. Okay, yes we are, watching the show together.... who's the girl i'm talking about? She's Margareta Vania. Such a really nice girl! We talked like we had known each other for a long time, lol i'm the one who's shy but she didn't hahaha.. Here's me and her!

Oh, i also met my blogger-pal Sonya Thaniya too! Hehe, she's so cute in person~ i want to meet them in other next events! See you~ 

Psst... we were wearing same designed shoes, it's a sliver bling shoes.. accidentaly

Talking about fashion, what i wore during Jakarta Fashion Week 2016? I chose simple monochrome style (yeah, it's not really good i know haha) but the most important thing is, WEAR SOMETHING MAKES YOU COMFORTABLE. 

Culottes: BLF  |  Sneakers : Zalora

Outer : Balcony  |  Top : Stradivarius

Now we're at the end of this post hehe... still got many queue on my post entry but i dont have much time to do blogging now.... see you on my next post! smile~


November 2015


  1. you look cool tho~~ love what you're wearing <33

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/

  2. Congrats on being able to watch the show and its great to meet new people :) Great post and love your comfy look <3

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  3. I really love your fashion sense.
    you look amazing so all of your outfits are lovely.

    would you like to follow each other on GFC & G+? If you follow me,
    I will follow you back after it.

  4. Woah good show! Lemme join you next year babe :*
    Love your style ! so cool!

    xoxo, Syarah

  5. You did like i did too in finding an invitation of jfw, keep it works! Great pics and love your look too <3

    Monochrome Diary | NEW POST | Instagram

  6. Your style is so quirky and I'm loving it! The square pants looks good on you.. love, The Outside Clinic reviews


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