Strolling in The City

Last February, i visited the most beautiful place in the world.. but this time i dont really want to describe the place because i just want to share it just with my several friends and my whole family :)  it’s just a religious trip anyway. So i’m gonna post about my outfits there.

The third day after i arrived there, i’m wearing this outfit while joining the city tour trip. I visited many beautiful historical places which made me feel really happy and crying at the same time. Its places is really important for my religion.

After that, together with other people who joined this trip too, we took photos. And i didn’t forget to take photo with my outfit there :) it was in front of the mosque, named Masjidil Quba’. It has a very nice spots to take any photos! My mother, my aunt, and other women took photo in front of the door which colour is gold, but the younger took photo in the same spot like i did.. here the photos of mine are..


Sunnies : ZARA

See you on my next post! Hehe, sorry for the late updates but since now i will do more updates by using scheduled post lol :)


March 2016


  1. you look lovely <33

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/

  2. semoga suatu hari bisa kesana juga ya. Amin :)


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