Me, Blog, and My Changes

Hi readers, in this post i want to show you how’s my life going. Many things happened to me after i changed my appearance and start wearing hijab. A hijab is the essential part and accessories for any moslem girl  everywhere. After my religious trip last February, i think this is my time to change. And fortunately, in my country many girls started wearing a hijab so i have many friends wearing hijab. Wearing a hijab doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable to do many things, but for me now i can freely do anything and feel comfortable.

 I dont care if there’s some people calling me not stylish or so whatever thing haha, but here i’m wearing outfits (or maybe you like to call it clothes yea) which make me comfortable and safe lol. The real point is, i’m happy now wearing a hijab.

About blogging, i blogged since 2009 (like, it’s already a long time). But first! Do you know what is blog? Blog is a social media that lets you write orpost photos or something do you like. You can FREELY share your stories to your readers worldwide-ly. Then, you know who else is blogger? Everyone has a blog, is the answer. So, don’t judge someone by saying, “oh, you call yourself as a blogger? You are not competent enough lol”. Haha, literally you’re the one that must be laughed out. Go yourself make a blog by signing up, then you can be that “blogger”.

I know that as my age turns bigger, i have to face many problems which i’ve never faced before. I want to be a person who can face very problem easily and wisely. I’ve asked many success people around me and they answered “do and show what you like, not what people wants to see”. Agree? Fortunately i have parents who always support me everytime and everywhere. Let’s spread every positive vibe and never try to make someone down. Be happy always yay yay! :)


April 2016


  1. nice post

  2. aaa congrats on wearing hijab~~ in school there are sooooo many kids starting to wear hijab, so much it looks like a 'trend' to me..but whatever x
    the color combination is really cute, dark red and black is one of the best color combination...:O

    AAAhh, yes. I've been treated like that to. Everytime people checked out my insta page, they'd laugh at me for displaying my blog link...:-/, they treat us as 'a blogger wannabe' if we're not famous yet:-/shuuckkss


  3. Congrats! I think wearing hijab is one of the greatest milestones a Muslim can reach. :)


  4. congrats and keep going!
    i nominated you on Liebster Award, click the new post link below!

    Pretty Messed Up | NEW POST | WhatWeLike.co

  5. You've been blogging since 09 ? That's quite longg time ago. Keep it going :)
    Don't care what people think of you, mashaAllah you are pretty just the way you are. Your mom must be proud of you ! ❤️

  6. You look good wearing a hijab. That was a good decision too! xo, Susan Greenfield


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