Sporty Vibes!

Snapback : KENZO Malaysia

Top : ROO Australia
Bag : Shanghai flea market 

I'm here, to start my new hobby -- cycling, in Ancol. At least once in a month i did this rutinity! because many people said that cycling is good for our heart. i'm aware of my health :)

We can buy any sea products from them :) 

I got new snack! Haha it's cute and delicious too if you eat them with sauces 

After tired, let's have some coconuts :) energizing!

See you on the next post! 

November 2014

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Pink Garden

The day is come. Yap! The day i will post this kind of things. This is my first post of my own Outfit Of The Day which well-known as OOTD. Okay, let's take a look on how i got to mix and match my outfits.

My whole outfits from top to toe

Bag : Mango • Watches : Swatch Singapore

Boots : Fascinate

I chose "Pink Garden" theme for my first post because i rarely wear a skirt (that's my biggest reason tho, lol). Then i chose sheer pink top with my pattern skirt mixed with beige boots and bags. Never get afraid to wear boots along with your skirt. It's my favorite style! Your look won't be too girly but there's a boyish side also.

Skirt : Contempo

Top : Dress It by Elisa

A big thanks for parents who helped me taking photos of my ootd.
Happy November all!

xoxo, November 2014

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Behind The Scene – GADIS Made by You Project Annual Edition 2015

        Well, i can say this is my debute for fashion-related things. GADIS Made by You Project Annual Edition 2015 is a project held by Indonesian Magazine, GADIS which allows you to send them your articles until August 31st whether it’s related to fashion, entertainment, music, and other reporting jobs to be featured on their Annual Edition (will be published on December). One of their job position is Junior Stylist. Fortunately, two of my articles was chosen! There are in two categories, Entertainment and Junior Stylist. I need to choose one job, so i choose Junior Stylist which is my biggest dream because i secretly fond of fashion!

My article which made me contribute as Junior Stylist.

My struggle ain’t end up just like that. The weeks after, i received an email which contains my work to be done before the deadline (October 20th). At that time, it feels very hard for me to fulfill it because i’m in the mid-semester exam week. So, i decided to be a multitasking person by did the job and study for the exams at the same time. Yay! In brief, with a lot of struggles, overthinks, and other worse things i can have my works done. Both exams, also this Magazine jobs.
            What else that i did? I did collect shoes and bags as a trend for 2015, made behind the scene videos and took photos of my friends’ whole outift by myself (because i couldn’t join my mentors to hunt mall’s street-stylers). A lot thanks for my friends, Nadine who helps me take video, Bora and Cherr who helps me stand as my models to be shown on that upcoming magazine. I took Animal Prints as my theme, and like fortunately they can mixed-up their outfit very well :).

This is me, and Bora while did taking photos of her.

I needed to ask their outfit’s brands too!

Thanks LOTTERIA and Grand Galaxy Park for being the best spot of my works :) 

And this is my photo while taking photo of Cherr.

Thank you GADIS Magazine! Because of you, i got this unforgettable moments and lessons to be a Junior Stylist, Photographer, also an Editor. I hope someday i will make more contribution for fashion magazines and Indonesia!

Xoxo, November 2014
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