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The name is Atria Putri. Born in September 1st 1997. Not very young, but still needing advices from fashion-blogger fellas. Loving fashion blogs since was nineth grade of Junior High School. Feels lucky, won in any academical competition, and appeared in several magazine articles. Chosen as part of Junior Stylist crew in GADIS Magazine. Love Japan a lot. A secret admirer of photography. Fond of travelling. Survives in 5MP camera with many editing. Found the love of writings in the 3rd grade of elementary school by writing on  a notebooks. Ever sent a fictive short-story to magazine editor. Loves to eat, read, and sleep. Be bold, not too feminine. Loving boots and platforms. Hoping people to read more this blog updates and meet people with the same interests --- fashion. A monochromatic sometimes.

Aqua Passion.

Aqua Passion is a brand and title owned by Atria Putri.  Aqua stands for water, which is a symbol for those whom born in Monday, and so she is. Passion, this means that this is the author’s passion to contribute in fashion. A dot at the end also have deep meaning inside. In works, life, and things we need a symbolic touch to end. Don’t leave something hanging. Do our best and finish it. And so did the dot. Aqua Passion is a site built in 2012 (goes active in October 2014) as an online journal for fun and share happiness.

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