White Division

Hellooooo readerrrs!<3 I miss you all, and i missed my blogging life so much.. This is gonna be longer post than ones that i've been made. Well i'm gonna tell my readers my busy life -- as student :(. From February, i will have some tests like practice exam, also the written one. I hope i can be graduated this year with good scores.*aameen*.

This gonna be my special year too! Instead tests, me and my friends in 3rd grade will have photoshoots (lol, not photoshoots as you all expected, but just for school events and yearbook). Honestly, i'm gonna miss Senior High School life so much.. Do you also love your Senior High times? But besides that, I'm afraid that in the future i can't keep blogging as much as i do.. I think i can make a promise that i will keep updating on my instagram more than blog :)

Top : J REP

Skirt : J REP

Shoes : Rotelli

Bag : H & M

The good news is, maybe in August i can be more active because in that time there's a month of holiday! *yay*. The resolution in 2015..... attending at least one fashion event. I think the probability increased because this year i will have more free time around the end of this year *_*

Oh, i also want to tell you about my experience when i surf the internet. I opened ALBA Collections on ZALORA's website (click here), and it was greaaat. Ain't it?

How will you spend 2015? Is it exciting too for you?:)


February 2015

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