The Sun

Please don’t get me wrong but wait, why i’m talking about the sun in my blog? Such a geographical thingy or.... haha let it be my secret. Finally the time for me to post this poem in my blog is comingg J J .. Last October 2014 i’ve been asked to write a simple poem. Maybe i can write those simple poem about school, environtment, and all the mainstream theme. Honestly, at first i didn’t want to write this such a poem, REALLY, but well, because my friends are making poems with the same tone, so i decided to make this one. I made this poem for nobody, because  i can’t give it to anyone :p. I may talking about someone here, but sure in this poem we can aim for everybody else who’s meaningful to us. Not only “everybody” but “everything”.  Sorry for every incorrect grammar i wrote because i first wrote this in Indonesian. J  I just translated this to make my readers easier to know what is this poem meaning. I want to share my poem, just for fun.. What is this poem tells about? Let your mind thinking...

“The Sun”

Once upon a time
I’m there in silence
I don’t know who i am
Where am i standing

The crows sang the condolence melody
Accompanied me walking through the endless way
I’m lost
Until the time comes,
You showed your shines

You coloured up my days
But you’re not a rainbow
They called you “The King of the Day”
That many people wants, also me

I’m just like the moon
Which can’t be a part of yours
But, you gave me your shines
The sea waves felt warm--made me calm because of you
This world seems new for me

And i found all of my life, what else it’s about
Like, who i really am
Where am i supposed to stay
How am i needed to act

I’m grateful, God
You let me feel how beautiful life is 
You made me met the sun
In this narrow life

Everyday we seems getting far
I got a hit by my feelings
I lose myself in my pray
Hoping your shines still there for me

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What are you thinking about my poem? What is it tells about? Thank you for everyone be the Sun of my life.. thanks for encouraging me and made me happy J.  See you on my next post which will not out very soon! Hehe


August 2015

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